Hopetoun Alpha

In 1994 Ashton Wylie purchased the deconsecrated St James Congregational Church and renovated this unique, stunning architectural building with the greatest love and care. Ashton’s vision was to create a miniature town of hope and positivity, a "life centre" for the future. At his death the Hopetoun Alpha building was bestowed to the Trust. The Hopetoun Alpha symbol is made of three distinct elements:

The Name

Literally translated "Hopetoun" means "Town of Hope" but what was trying to be created on this site was a centre, a miniature town of hope and positivity, a "Life Centre" for the future, with its beginnings - this historic church.

Alpha being the Greek work for beginning together with Hopetoun fitted well with the objectives - new beginnings with hope and positivity.

Ashton Wylie The Symbol

The symbolThe circle represents the earth, universality - the globe - our home,

The cross symbolises a blend of the feminine and masculine

The arrow is our forward and upward direction as we all move into a brave new future as one.


Hopetoun Alpha performance