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Dr Wayne Jonas

Science, Spirit and Healing:
Returning the Whole Person to Health Care

All major healing traditions, such as Ayurvedic, Chinese and Greek medicine acknowledge the mind and spirit as the central dimension of a person and a key driver of healing. Yet, with the dramatic impact of materialist discoveries in medicine over the last 150 years, the role of mind and spirit has been obscured, and even denied.

We have paid for this in many ways: creating a health care system that ignores the evidence of these deeper, more personal aspects of a human being; failing to incorporate meaning and purpose into caring for a human being; the loss of person-centeredness or any discussion of “what matters” to a patient; and an increasing dissatisfaction, burnout and suffering for all involved in delivery of healing - patient, physician, and health care leader.

For acute trauma and immediate life-threatening disease, the materialistic focus on the body works dramatically. For prevention, for the management of chronic illness and for improving wellbeing, it does not work.

In this workshop, I will talk about how we can return the mind and spiritual dimension of humans back into healthcare. First, I will discuss how the current scientific evidence requires we incorporate the mind and spirit into healing. Second, I will propose a new model of a whole person based on that evidence. Finally, I will show how to use that model to create person-centered care by asking about “what matters” in routine office visits. Participants will have an opportunity to do their own “Personal Health Inventory”; see how to use that to seek out what is most meaningful in their life; and connect the central dimension of mind and spirit to their health through an approach called the HOPE Note.

Dr Thornton Streeter

Integrating biofield imaging technology with non-invasive full body screening

The anatomy and physiology of the human biofield has been taboo to modern science for over 100 years. This has forced a need for integration with the best of modern medicine and healing modalities.

A detailed exploration of the known anatomy and physiology of the Biofield, will be presented including the Chakras, the Nadis/meridians/Primo Vascular System, the acupuncture/ Varma and assemblage points, as well as, the layers of the human biofield. A review of Biofield research and energy based therapies will show the range and depth of scientific evidence. Live demonstrations of the latest assessment technologies, such as Biofield Viewer, the BioWell and the Multiscan Pro, will reveal the opportunity for sustainable healthcare in each and every community.

Workshop: Kinder health screening immersive

Join Thornton Streeter at the leading edge of integrative healthcare. Kinder health delivers a safe preventive screening system that includes the Multiscan Pro, the latest iteration of full body scanning devices, the Biofield Viewer and the BioWell to show the chakras and meridians live, this is multi-dimensional observation!

The Multiscan is a five-minute non-invasive wellness assessment device which provides an immediate overview of the patient’s physiology, stress, level of fatigue, risk factors, and much more depending on the selected system. A computer program takes the physiological indicators, applies sophisticated algorithms, and provides a baseline overview of lifestyle and health indicators with immediate printable reports. Periodic exams are recommended for monitoring progress.

The Biofield Viewer is a real-time imaging system that is able to detect and visualise the subtle layers of electromagnetic activity around living systems. This technology is a research tool, which allows interference patterns with bio-plasma to be monitored and studied for optimising energy treatment protocols and investigating the human Biofield. The BioWell is an electrographic device that images the bio-plasmic emissions, together they deliver a unique biofield perspective. We will demonstrate how the Multiscan Pro, Biofield Viewer, BioWell work and offer that people have their scans taken and interpreted.

Dr Dean Radin

Talk 1: 21 Centuries of Psi Research

This presentation is an overview of psi research, including the historical origins, the kinds of psychic experiences studied, who reports these experiences, how they are studied, and the latest scientific results, conclusions, and implications.

We then compare the modern study of psi research to ancient esoteric practices to show how that ancient (but still vitally alive) tradition provides a scientifically valid way for understanding how psi works.

Talk 2: The Role of Consciousness in the Physical World.

This talk will first delve into experiments exploring mind-matter interactions with quantum systems, and then the audience will participate in telepathy and precognition experiments to learn first-hand what it is like to participate in these kinds of studies.

Jude Currivan, Ph.D

Living the Power of Unity

A talk and following participative and experiential workshop with cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist and author Dr Jude Currivan.

The ancient and sacred understanding of the fundamentally interconnected web of life, is finally being reconciled with the latest scientific discoveries.

Instead of the hitherto scientific model of a merely materialistic Universe of randomness and separation, compelling evidence is revealing that our entire Universe not only exists and evolves as a unified entity, but that its very appearance emerges from deeper nonphysical realms of intelligence and intention.

These revelations which integrate with universal spiritual experiences, ‘supernormal’ psychic phenomena and the existence of multi-dimensional realms have the potential to transform our collective understanding of reality at all scales of existence and vitally at the co-creative level of our everyday lives.

In doing so, this emergent wholeworld-view has the capacity to heal our duality-based and materialistic perspectives. Its perception of the essentially unified and multi-dimensional nature of reality, instead, offers us a new vision with the opportunity to transform our current global ‘emergency’ into the emergence of our conscious evolution.

Talk: Living the Power of Unity - 45 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&A

Discover, in an easily accessible way, the latest evidence and insights across many fields of scientific research, showing that our Universe is finite, innately in-formed and holographically real-ized – literally a cosmic hologram: existing and evolving as a coherent and unified ‘thought’ in the mind of the infinite and eternal Cosmos.

Participatory Workshop: Living the Power of Unity - 90 minutes
  • Share co-creative and inner reflection exercises and attunements, to support your experiential and embodied awareness of the emerging wholeworld-view of unified reality
  • Experience how such unity awareness naturally encompasses and underpins supernormal phenomena, multi-dimensional communications and empowered intention
  • Explore how understanding, experiencing and embodying its unity awareness has the potential to empower transformational change on an individual, collective and planetary levels

Dr Marjorie Woollacott

Impossible Truths: Exploring Research at the Boundary where Science and Mystical Experience Meet

At the beginning of her professional career, neuroscientist and researcher, Dr. Marjorie Woollacott had no doubt that the brain was solely a physical entity and was controlled by chemical reactions and electrical impulses.

She was sure that the loss of brain activity meant the end of existence. The first time she meditated, however, she had a glimpse of another possibility - an undeniable experience of unlikely and uncharted energy.

Since this time Dr. Woollacott has been actively exploring research on the nature of consciousness and investigates the existence of the non-physical and infinitely powerful human mind.

In this talk Dr. Woollacott shares her own research and key studies from other laboratories supporting a non-dual reality, in which consciousness is primary. She will discuss studies on the mystical experiences of meditators, near-death experiences, and complementary forms of healing.

Workshop: Consciousness and Healing: Can We Reconcile Scientific and Experiential Perspectives?

In this workshop, Woollacott will lead particpants in an in-depth exploration of the nature of consciousness from both the scienbtific perspective and that of direct experience, discussing how each contributes to a complete understanding of the topic.

You will explore together studies on near-death experiences, which validate the presence of clear awareness when there is no brain activity. She will also lead you in discussions regarding the processes that underlie both meditation and healing modalities.

In the workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore in small groups your own experiences as well as the implications of this research for our understanding of consciousness and its implications for healing.

Dr Graham Mead

Feeling beyond the known

Is it possible to experience ourselves, our discomfort, our symptoms without the encumbrance of conditioned thought, memory, the past? Can we respond differently, entirely, to the nature of an unfolding illness and see or experience within it the flowering of consciousness and the expression of our innate capacity to thrive?

How does illness practically help us to unlock the intelligence beyond thought, liberating this field of wisdom within us and evolving us beyond the familiar?

This half hour introductory talk will be followed on Sunday by a two-hour exploration of how intimate sensory awareness of psycho-physiological patterning can open a pathway to inherent vitality and innate intelligence