Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust
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Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust

A Short History:

The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust was established following the death of Ashton Wylie in 1999. Ashton Wylie, an Auckland businessman, was a philanthropist with a wide range of interest particularly in the area of spirituality, personal development and positive relationships. Read More »

Of his many interests, Ashton singled out the "purpose of assisting people to become more perfectly loving" to be the principal purpose of the AWCT.

These instructions have been formalised into the AWCT Objectives.

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About the Trust

The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trusts was established in 1999 with the objectives to:

  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand to become more perfectly loving in accordance with the nature of God.
  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand by providing inner empowerment to disintegrate fear and related negative activities and qualities in their lives by the activity of bringing the creative quality of love and relating positive activities and qualities (such as deep breathing, experiencing nature, caring, consideration, compassion and understanding) into their experience of negativity.
  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand to disintegrate the negativity arising from other people with whom they are in relationship by bringing into their experience the quality of compassion and understanding (or unconditional love) of such people with whom they are in relationship.
  • Educate and assist people in New Zealand, to better understand the nature of God and in the process to receive inner personal empowerment.
  • Promote in New Zealand such other purpose or purposes which are, in the opinion of the Trustees, as near as practicable to the aforesaid purposes.

The Trustees

Adonia Wylie Adonia Wylie

Adonia Wylie the widow of Ashton Wylie shared his passionate interest in spiritual evolution. Adonia is a Reiki Master, a Body Electronics Teacher, a Theta Healer and is a clairvoyant and clairaudient spiritual healer. She is the author of the book "Power" Our Evolutionary Path to the Divine Creative Field.

Sam Bassett

Sam BassettSam (48 years) grew up in Auckland and went to the University of Auckland, graduating with a BA in English and Political Studies and a BCom in Accounting.

Sam worked in London for two years prior to starting as a graduate accountant with Moore Stephens Markhams (previously Markham & Partners) in November 1993. Sam has been a Partner in the Auckland office since 2001.

Sam and his wife Judith (who is a Lawyer) have two boys, Harry who is 11 years old and Edward who is 9 years old. Sam enjoys spending time with his family at their holiday home at Orua Bay on the Manukau Harbour which includes lots of fishing. He is a member of the Rangitoto Beef Steak and Burgundy Club and has a keen interest in wine. Sam is active in Politics – He is the Treasurer of the Act Party and has worked in many political campaigns for both the Labour Party and Act Party over the years.

Sam's expertise at Moore Stephens Markhams Auckland is within the business advisory and taxation sector of the firm. Sam has particular interest in working with law firms and barristers, conducting an annual legal firm benchmarking survey. Sam also has particular interest in the aged care and direct mailing and data management service sector.

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