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Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust

A Short History:

The Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust was established following the death of Ashton Wylie in 1999. Ashton Wylie, an Auckland businessman, was a philanthropist with a wide range of interest particularly in the area of spirituality, personal development and positive relationships. Read More »

Of his many interests, Ashton singled out the "purpose of assisting people to become more perfectly loving" to be the principal purpose of the AWCT.

These instructions have been formalised into the AWCT Objectives.

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AWCT Book and Manuscript Awards Gallery 2015

Presentations in the 2015 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book and Unpublished Manuscript Awards were made at Hopetoun Alpha on Friday 14 August 2015. Judges were Mary Egan and Mike Alexander with guest speaker Stephanie Johnson.

Congratulations to all winners and finalists. The placings were:


  1. Ron Hay:  Finding the Forgotten God - Credible Faith for a Secular Age
  2. Greg Hopkinson: Boundless - A Wayward Entrepreneur’s Search for Peace
  3. Julie Leibrich : Sanctuary
  4. Michael Cocks : Into the Wider Dream - Synchronicity in the Witness Box
  5. 5th equal: Janet Balcombe : Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  6. 5th equal: M. Thomas Fairs : In Human Terms


  1. Rohana Ulluwishewa:  Spirituality Demystified – Understanding Spirituality in Rational Terms
  2. Hugh Major: From Monkey to Moth – An Imaginal Evolution
  3. Keith Hill: Clapping with Two Hands – New Mysticism for the 21st Century
  4. Dr Karlo Mila:  Mana Moana
  5. Sue Reidy: Small Steps to Happiness – A guide to enriching your life – one step at a time.
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